Michael (Mike) Stocks, Runner, Writer, Speaker
Michael (Mike) Stocks, Runner, Writer, Speaker
Michael (Mike) Stocks, Runner, Writer, Speaker

About Michael

Founder of Hour 7 and author of bestseller ‘One Track Mind’

Ran 155 miles around an athletics track in 24 hours

Made his debut appearance for Great Britain at the age of 50

World Record holder for 100-miles in 50+ age category

Successfully transitioned from corporate leader to technology entrepreneur to international athlete

Believes in the power of reinvention, and of never giving up

One Track Mind

'A wonderful read...I highly recommend it' - Adharanand Finn, author of The Rise of the Ultra Runners

'A great insight...the mental and physical battle to get through is incredible' - Andrew Butchart, British Olympian

When Michael Stocks stands at the starting line of a 24-hour race on an athletics track in South London, it is noon and rain is beginning to fall. His aim is to run more than 150 miles by noon the following day, in order to fulfil his dream of being selected to run for Great Britain. He is 49 years old, and it will require the performance of a lifetime. One Track Mind tells the story of these 24 life-changing hours. It reveals the mental tools that make it possible to run six marathons in a single day, and how they can be applied to other parts of life. And it shares the realisations about life that remain long after the race has ended. A love letter to a race, to a community at the frontier of sport and to life itself, One Track Mind is an inspirational examination of the fascinating world of extreme endurance.


Founder of Hour 7

Michael Stocks, along with Dom Ashdown, founded Team Hour 7. They dreamt of giving a team of elite ultrarunners the type of support network more familiar to leading Olympians. The expertise and comradery to help them run with the best in the world. Hour 7 employs cutting-edge science in physiology, nutrition, and mental performance to help athletes reach their true potential. Together, they push the boundaries of what is possible.


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Michael (Mike) Stocks, Runner, Writer, Speaker

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Michael (Mike) Stocks, Runner, Writer, Speaker

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